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Track Name: As Told By Ginger Intro
Artist: Macy Gray
Album: 90's Toons Tunes


'Someone once told me the grass is much greener
On the other side

And I paid a visit 
well, it’s possible I missed it
It seemed different, yet exactly the same (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Til further notice (til further notice)
I’m in-between (i’m in between)
From where I’m standing (from where in standing)
My grass is green

Someone once told me the grass is much greener
On the other side’

http://confessionsofahotelworker.tumblr.com/post/93081902957/there-is-a-family-group-staying-with-us-for-the »


There is a family group staying with us for the weekend. All together they are occupying 16 rooms. Because of this they believe they are entitled to do as they please. And that all of the staff must wait on them hand and foot.

Tonight I asked their children to exit the pool at 10 pm then again…



The look on Latino guests’ faces when I respond to them in Spanish will never get old. 

I only do this when they are having a hard time communicating in English.

my fav is when there is a group talking in Spanish and saying not nice things about the hotel or the staff or me… And they think because I’m a white girl I don’t understand them. But when they finally decide to talk to me (in broken English) I respond in fluent Spanish. :)

omg. their face.

"But…I’m a rewards member"


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“Oh, look! Small armed people! Oh, look! Falling rocks! Oh, look! A house that doesn’t exist and that might trap me on the other side of some sort of multidimensional door! Oh, look! Night Vale!” — Carlos I-Have-Literally-No-Regard-for-My-Personal-Safety the Scientist, basically (via octoberspirit)


[excited Carlos noises]

“Doug” — The moment all of our eyes narrowed suspiciously